Welcome to Our New IASI Board Members

Tom Robinson is the Certified Rolfer™ for Seattle’s Washington Athletic Club, and in private Rofling SI practice in Seattle and Mazama, Washington. Tom earned a PhD in education from Stanford, and brings to IASI decades of experience as a management consultant and non-profit board. As a new Rolfer but experienced adviser in healthcare strategies, Tom wants to build the legitimacy of Structural Integration as respected complementary medicine. As well, he seeks to support the careers of structural integrators in practical and useful ways.

Deborah Nimmons is a Certified Soma Practitioner practicing in Seattle, Washington. Deborah grew up in the rural, small town South surrounded by farms and trees, music and art, by people who lived as if everyone and everything mattered and held beauty. The people around her worked with their hands and hearts. That love of touch, of seeing, of respect for self and others called her to SI in mid-life. She comes to IASI as a licensed attorney (continually attempting to retire), a spontaneous dancer, a lover of stories and the written word, and hopefully with a long view of our future.

Herbert Grassmann, Body Oriented Psychotherapist in his own Praxis. In 1989 he was trained in Structural Integration with Emmett Hutchins, Peter Melchior and Stacy Mills. In 1994 he took the Advanced Training at the Guild for Structural Integration. He is also a Certified Hakomi Practitioner and trained with Pat Ogden and Peter Levine in Trauma Therapy. He is also director of the European Association of Somatic Traumatherapy (EAST), Executive Director of the Institut for Structural Core Therapy (SKT) and founder of SKT® Strukturelle Körpertherapie and TraumaSomatics®. Chair of the EABP Science & Research Committee. "My main focus as an international board member is to bring our International IASI members more together by stepping into a dialog between the international schools & training organization and helping to organize international IASI congresses."